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Some Excellent SOFII Movies....

Archive SOF2| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |More >
List of videos...
Jungle Sniper
2 DM Competition 2006
3 CMK DM Competition
4 Fragrain
5 Royal Rumble 06
Well worth watching......

Archive SOF2 Footage
Quote Slug "I know I've been playing this game for years but didn't think it was this long "


Equador Mountains

Ecuador Mountains by <<<ALIEN>>> is one of my favourite CTF maps. Very RMG feel to it with the classic 3 ways of attack. Centre, Left using a tunnel or right through the mountains. Highly recommended for CTF
Thanks to -[FC]- FUN ZONE for introducing me to this one.
  Download 4.33MB |

This is the long awaited release of the ultimate SOF2 Demo Viewer by Infrequent. ReFrag soon became an essential tool for SOF2 movie makers and you will see it in the credits of all the best SOF2 videos.
ReFrag2 is the new improved version with even more features and a much improved user interface. ReFrag2 is not just a tool for movie makers though, it's also an excellent stand alone demo player that lets you analyse every players move from every angle.
Unfortunately ReFrag2 does not support v1.00 but if you play Sof2 Gold this is a must have tool.
Download 6.24MB |
Custom Maps
Columbian Village by The Tech
Columbian Village by The Tech is a remake of a map from 2003 by Siffer. If you like Jordan the chances are you will like this. A very nice well illuminated map with plenty of alleyways for you to explore. Well worth the download.

Download 1.76MB | Rating
Deck 21 by sL@pNuT$
Deck21 is sL@pNuT$ second map. Inspired by Doom3. It looks more detailed and textured than most SOF2 maps and features new backlighting and shadowing techniques.

Download 9MB | Rating

more maps>

Playing SOF2 v1.00

Some time ago when re-installing SoF2 and before adding the gold patch to bring my 3 year old CD up to date, I noticed there were lots of servers still running version 1.00 I decided to do a duplicate SOF2 installation in a second folder on my PC, but running v1.00. I have to say its like another dimension with many hundreds of players never seen on the gold version. You can add v1.00 in about 4 minutes, why not give it a try:) There are more people playing RMG than on gold!!
Read More>

Playing SOF2 v1.03

Some months after SoF2 was launched a number of modifications were made to the original game which included bug fixes, new weapons, Punkbuster anti cheat software and additional maps. This update, called the Gold Patch changed your original game to v1.03. It was intended to replace to 1.00 version but if you make a copy of your original v1.00 files before applying the patch you can still play both versions.
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(I.C.E) AcE 
Location UK
Born 28 April 1981
Occupation Still thinking about it
Connection Type Broadband
Favourite Map jor1
Favourite Server (I.C.E)
Favourite Weapon AK74
Hard to beat player (I.C.E) Husky
Comment I ran out of beer again :(
(I.C.E) ElnickO
Location Belfast, Northern Ireland
Born 1 April 1989
Occupation Student
Connection Type 700k broadband
Favourite Server ICE
Favourite Map Highwire2
Favourite Weapon Sniper
Hard to beat player (I.C.E) Slips and (I.C.E) Playa
Comment Anyone else from Northern Ireland :) MSN me if you are
(I.C.E) Playa!
Location ManChester, UK
Born 16 August 1979
Occupation Clan Owner (Europe Runner)
Connection Type ADSL
Favourite Server ICE server -
Favourite Map TB_high_wire_2
Favourite Weapon Smog Nade
Hard to beat player (I.C.E) Slips!
Comment Anyone Come play sometime...
Location UK
Born 5 September 1974
Occupation Senior Systems Analyst
Connection Type 3MB
Favourite Map pra2
Favourite Server NRU & eGo
Favourite Weapon ak74

Location  Wales, UK
Born 8 December 1988
Occupation Sof2 PLayer
Favourite Map Kam3
Favourite Server - Public Server -
Favourite Weapon ak74 and shot gun
DaH FluMpS! FaIrWaRs OwNz \o/ Noice >:)

Location Northern Ireland
Born 14 November 1985
Occupation Web Designer
Connection Type Sigh...56k
Favourite Map Gotta be Jor1
Favourite Server Merlin inf and jolt hpb dm
Favourite Weapon Sniper and m4
Hard to beat player KINGRICH
Location Denmark
Born 13 August 1966
Occupation accounting/projects/programming
Connection Type 2048/512
Favourite Map pra2
Favourite Server Gameservers DM 5
Favourite Weapon ak74 with a shotty for emergencies
Hard to beat player  too few :(
Comment nothing beats a good-aim-day :)
Location Netherlands
Born 13 May 1988
Connection Type Cable
Favourite Map jor1?
Favourite Server mcc server
Hard to beat player torzelan?
Comment woei

Location GLAND / Switerland
Born 15 April 1986
Occupation Professional NoOb
Connection Type DSL 256k
Favourite Map Jor1
Favourite Server Jolt Servers
Favourite Weapon Ak74 / Shootie
Hard to beat player My brother with 7 years old :p
Comment Keep cool, kepp fragging... Peace and LoL
Irish One Winner of Player of the week - 5th March 2005
Location UK
Born 4 May 1986
Connection Blueyonder Cable
Favourite Map shop_2
Favourite Server nCc - no Clan clan
Favourite Weapon Knife
Hard to beat player  (^_^) <<--- him
Comment Bang, Must be luck of the Irish
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